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August 30th, 2008

Assorted Aeropostale Ladies Hoodies Wholesale

Cheap Aeropostale Ladies Hoodies Wholesale Assorted styles, designs ETA 3 Weeks Size: XS-XL Half-zip and Full-zip Styles 52pc Package $8.95 each

August 30th, 2008

Cheap Quiksilver Mens Hoodies Wholesale

QUIKSILVER Mens Hoodies Wholesale ETA 3 Weeks Limited Quantity 5 Colors: White, Brown, Off-White, Grey, Black (Heaviest in White) 30pc Package $12.25 each

August 29th, 2008

Authentic ErvinGeoffrey Urban Jeans Wholesale

If you are looking for new urban brands to sell for urban wear, check out the following wholesale offer: Please find our new arrivals: ERVINGEOFFREY URBAN JEANS for men. The jeans come with a factory invoice, 100% authentic, brand new with original tags attached. These jeans are designed by celebrity Irv Gotti, better known by […]

August 28th, 2008

Authentic Burberry Handbag & Wallet Wholesale

Check out the following email that I received for Burberry Handbag & Wallet wholesale: Please find our brand new BURBERRY FALL/WINTER COLLECTION HAND BAGS AND WALLETS BELOW. All of the items below are 100% Authentic, brand new and come with dust bags and original coach tags attached . There is only 1 piece of each […]

August 27th, 2008

Summer 2008 Collection Coach Handbags & Wallets

Designer Shop currently also offering Sale on the Summer 2008 Collection Coach handbags & wallets. Here is the email: Please find our SALE COACH HAND BAGS & WALLETS! THEY ARE FROM THE SUMMER 2008 COLLECTION. All of the items below are 100% Authentic, brand new and come with original coach tags attached . There are […]

August 27th, 2008

Wholesale Authentic Coach, Dooney & Bourke Handbag

Looking to buy cheap designer handbag at wholesale? Designer Shop currently has new arrivals of authentic Coach, Dooney & Bourke handbag. Check out the following email that I received from this authentic handbag wholesaler: Please find our brand new FALL/WINTER COLLECTION OF COACH HAND BAGS, AS WELL AS DOONEY AND BOURKE below. All of the […]

August 26th, 2008

Billabong Ladies Skirts & Shorts Wholesale

Looking for Billabong hot shorts, pants & skirts wholesale? Check out the following wholesale offers: Cheap Billabong Ladies Shorts Wholesale Brand New With Labels Wholesale Price: As low as $12.50 Free Shipping worldwide, Accepts credit card & PayPal

August 25th, 2008

Wholesale Banana Republic Womens Pants

Check out the following wholesale offer for Banana Republic womens pants: Wholesale Banana Republic Womens Straight Leg Pants Description: Banana Republic Womens Fit Straight Leg Pants¬† – $27.95 USD / 1 pc – – FREE SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE !!!! Assorted sizes and colours . With Labels and Tags – Pre-packaged in lots of 10 PCS. All […]

August 24th, 2008

Wholesale Urban Wear – Palis Mens T-Shirt

Besides ladies tees, “” also sells wholesale Palis men’s t-shirt. Below are some of their current offers: Wholesale Palis Men’s T-Shirt – “Mix Tape” Wholesale Palis men’s short sleeve fashion print tees with images of the classic audio format, the mix tape! Cheap wholesale price for only $7.50 each! Minimum 6 tees per pack. Size […]

August 23rd, 2008

Wholesale Palis Clothing – Ladies T-Shirt

Looking for more urban wear brands and clothing to sell at your store? Do you know of the brand “Palis”? They have some nice tee shirts and the wholesale price is cheap, so you can make a high profit by selling these Palis t-shirts. Check out the following wholesale Palis clothing: Cheap Palis T-Shirt “Golden […]